Laie Boyz Jersey’s

Laie Boyz JerseysLaie Boyz Basketball JerseyLaie Boyz Jersey

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6 Responses to Laie Boyz Jersey’s

  1. Manitila Matau says:

    How much?

  2. aaron says:

    Hey Manitila,

    The Jerseys are different prices depending on the size you need.
    kids – 25.00
    Adults Small – XL 35.00
    Adults 2xl – 3xl 40.00
    3xl – 8xl 50.00

  3. aaron says:

    FOOTBALL Jerseys –
    Kids – 30.00
    Adults Small – XL 40.00
    Adults 2xl-3xl 50.00
    Adult 4xl – 8xl 60.00

  4. Lehiwa says:

    How do we purchase the football jerseys from you?

  5. BC says:

    How do I order?

  6. aaron says:

    Hit me up 808.497.2086

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