No Place like Laie

A fundraiser to help Kahi and Feso, fight cancer will be taking place in various locations today. It is truly unbelievable that a small community like ours has the type of help and support that has been given.

It is pretty amazing to see a small community come together and have such an impact not only locally but also all over the world. There are many Laie communities around the US that are helping raise funds for expensive medical costs not only here in Laie but also in Las Vegas, and SLC. Please come out and support such a beautiful cause. If you have any donations that you would like to give please contact Vika @ (808)358-0952. or just come out to the various places and buy a plate lunch, baked goods, T-shirts or items from the hundreds of donated hard goods.

Special thanks to the Laie Boyz and Laie Girlz who have spent countless hours on planning, organizing, cooking and more. Laie Tu Malosi

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