Our Prayers go out to JAPAN and HAWAII

My heart is heavy as i post this. But I just want to share with the world the love that I have for Japan and the Japanese people. I spent two of the best years of my life serving and living in central Honshu. I really hope we can do something to help Japan in this troubled time. The easiest thing we can do is say some prayers and know that Heavenly Father will send Comfort and the right things to the People over there.
I am glad that nobody I know in Hawaii was injured or hurt from the Tsunamis that hit Parts of Maui and The Big Island. I did not hear too much about the Tsunami in that hit Hawaii. So I am guessing it wasn’t too catastrophic. But our Prayers are with all my Ohana and friends there.

Much love and Aloha to my aisuru nihon ni iru kyoudaitachi and shimaitachi!!

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